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Georg Koinzer GmbH & Co. KG has been manufacturing spiked lattices and lattices of high quality and different materials for the textile industry for over 70 years. We offer lattices for all brands of hoppers, openers, blending bins, cards and crosslappers.


Condenser tapes are used on web dividing systems of carding machines. UB-Tec offers tapes with a synthetic or genuine leather surface and nylon core, plastic tapes, and CBR tapes for coarse carpet yarns.


Condenser rubbers or rubbing aprons are used for producing carded yarns. They are installed on condensers which can have single, tandem/double or triple rubbing arrangements. We offer aprons with or without grooves and with ground or rubber free ends.


UB-Tec can offer the most suitable aprons, for spinning and texturizing, according to filament types, such as cotton, synthetic, and mixed blend, and also yarn counts


The ring travelers we offer are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and weights to accommodate all spinning and twisting requirements. They are availble in steel, metal inserted and reinforced nylon.


The cots we offer have xceptional resistance to dyes, finishes, and other processing chemicals, coupled with unmatched product reliability and extended lifespans, stand as pivotal metrics for modern spinning mills.


Fluff collectors or cleaners are tool used to safely remove fiber waste from hard to reach machine areas. They are available in pneumatic, battery and hand operated models and different lengths between 200 and 1000 mm.