UB-Tec is manufacturing flexible card clothing for woolen and worsted carding machines. Our quality products can be used to process fine fibers like cashmere, silk and merino but also more coarse types of fibers which are used for carpet yarns.

We offer over 2,000 different types of flexible card clothing. We use different types of foundation which each have different characteristics which makes them suitable for certain counts and fibers. Furthermore, we offer different wire materials based on the working conditions in which the fillets are installed. Also, we offer different finishes like surface grinding, side grinding, polishing and flame-treatment on customer’s request. The width of the fillet is determined by the roller diameter of the cylinder, doffer, stripper, worker, or fancy.

Our experience and know-how reassure our customers that we supply the right type for their application. Because each roll of card clothing is checked in our factory by hand, we can assure the highest reliability and longevity. Our wire has been installed on machines such as Octir, Ramella, Kyowa, Tatham, Bonino and HDB.

In case you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Flexible card clothing on roller


Card clothing with wool felt base

Wool felt foundation with 3.00 – 4.50 mm felt and 4 – 5 – 7 or 9 plies of cotton. Because of its flexibility, wool felt has an excellent performance when used for fine counts.

Card clothing with rubber felt base

Rubber felt foundation with 3.00 – 4.00 mm rubber felt and 5 – 7 or 9 plies of cotton. The rubber felt is used for its superior oil resistance and longevity.

Card clothing with vulcanized rubber base

Vulc rubber foundation with 1.00 mm vulc rubber and 3 – 4 – 6 – 7 or 9 plies of cotton. Vulc rubber has a superior opening capacity and can be used for a wide range of fibers.


We use high quality round and biconvex wires from European suppliers. Besides bright wire we offer nickel-plated or stainless steel wire as well.  Please see table below for the different sizes we offer:

English countContinental countRound (dia. mm)NumberBiconvex (mm)
2100.81017/211.420 – 0.810
2220.71018/221.215 – 0.710
2340.63019/231.015 – 0.630
2460.58020/240.910 – 0.580
2580.53021/250.810 – 0.530
26100.48022/260.710 – 0.480
27120.43023/270.630 – 0.430
28140.40524/280.580 – 0.405
29160.38025/290.530 – 0.380
30180.35526/300.480 – 0.355
31200.33027/310.430 – 0.330
32220.30528/320.405 – 0.305
33240.28029/330.380 – 0.280
34260.25530/340.355 – 0.255
35280.23031/350.330 – 0.230
36300.20532/360.305 – 0.205