Spare parts

UB-Tec is offering a wide range of spare parts for spinning mills and textile finishers. The parts we stock are sourced from European manufacturers who are known for their quality products.

By offering consumables that are often used by our customers for card clothing or raising fillet we can be your one-stop shop. This will give you great advantages in terms of shipping and transit times.

Please note that our range include, but is not limited by, items on this page. On request we help our customers sourcing parts which are more difficult to find.

In case you have any inquiry or question regarding the spare parts we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Parts for spinning

Condenser tapes are used on web dividing systems of woolen carding machines.
UB-Tec offers tapes with a synthetic or genuine leather surface and nylon core.

Our range of tapes includes:

– Natural oak tanned leather type with nylon core.
This universal type can be used for all yarn numbers.

– Solid plastic type which can be used for very fine counts (f.e. cashmere).
Tape is oil resistant and has a cutting tollerance of 0.03 mm.

– PU sandwich tape with nylon core.
This is tape is cost effective and can be used for fine counts.

– NBR sandwich tape with nylon core.
This tapes gives excellent results on processing coarse carpet yarns.

Condenser rubbers or rubbing aprons are used for producing carded yarns.
They are installed on condensers which can have single (fine yarns), tandem/double
(medium yarns) or triple (coarse yarns) rubbing arrangements.

We offer various types of aprons which all have their own characteristics (for instance
smooth or grooved surface).
This makes each type suitable for a certain count or fiber.
The aprons can be excuted with ground or rubber free ends.

Parts for finishing

Our roller coverings offer controlled grip, durability and resistance to high temperatures,
abrasion, oil and chemical damage. Most coverings are available with a high-heat resistant
self-adhesive backing ensuring a guaranteed quality adhesion to the roller. We also supply
non-adhesive roller coverings tape with a range of very high quality specialist contact adhesives.

The rolls are available in various lengths, such as 30, 50, 60, 75 and 100 metre rolls and various
widths from 25mm through to 150mm. The most common widths are 50, 75 and 100mm. We
can slit our roller coverings to specific widths or lengths depending on customer requirements.

UB-Tec offers pin plates for stenter frames and other textile machines.
Usually, the pin plates are made in brass with a polished or nickel finish.
The stainless- or carbon steel pins are manufactured in the United Kingdom
or Germany. Our pin plates are suitable for brands like Brückner, Krantz,
Artos, Famatex and Montfort.

UB-Tec offers a wide range of stenter brushes which are
manufactured in the United Kingdom or Germany.
The brushesare available with various types of filaments
like Calcutta natural fiber,horsehair, nylon (0.4 – 0.7 mm),
stainless steel and brass wire.

UB-Tec has an huge range of pin and clip carriers,
pin protection clips, chain links, graphite slide rails
and wear pads, drive belts, rivets, clip openers and
closer, width adjustment nuts and gears.

We supply these for brands like Krantz, Artos, Babcock,
Famatex, Stentex, Montfort, Brückner and Sellers.

We supply a wide range of circular knives for the textile industry.
Our knives are used for slitting, crush cutting and edge trimming.
They can be made of high speed steel (HSS), carbon steel or alloy
steel. The majority of the knives we supply are for stenter trimming units.