UB-Tec is offering a wide range of spare parts for spinning mills, weaving and textile finishers. The parts we stock are sourced from European manufacturers who are known for their quality products. For our regular customers we offer a service where we keep parts in stock. This will give you great advantages in terms of shipping and transit times. Please note that our range include, but is not limited by, items on this page. On request we help our customers sourcing parts which are more difficult to find. In case you have any inquiry or question regarding the spare parts we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.



To enhance our customer service, we offer a stock service where we maintain essential parts readily available. This not only reduces stock levels in your warehouse but also eliminates lead time.

The majority of the parts we offer are made by European manufacturers to guarantee the quality and longlivety. Being manufacturers ourselves, we recognize the importance of minimizing downtime caused by maintenance.

Thanks to our extensive network of forwarders and couriers, we can swiftly ship parts worldwide. If necessary, we can even ensure delivery within 24 hours to most countries.