Premium Knitting Needles

Tella Knitting Needles is a joint venture company specialized in manufacturing needles for sock and circular knitting machines.

Since 2010 Tella Needles is manufacturing high quality knitting needles which match the performance of other premium brands. We can guarantee our quality by only using the best raw materials which we purchase from our European sources. Furthermore we work together with Japanese engineers who have many years of experience in the knitting industry.

The knitting industry is an innovative industry where customers are always looking for suppliers who can meet their demands. Tella supports these customers by adding new models of needles to their product range all the time. Therefore we can supply needles for all kind of knitting machines like Mayer, Terrot, Orizio, Pailung, Fukuhara, Vanguard and many more.

UB-Tec is the official distributor for Tella Needles. Thanks to our years of experience in the textile industry we are able to help customers with the challenges they face. Please contact us for a catalogue or further information.

We Offer Knitting Needles For: